Voluntary Stewardship Program: Going Strong!

The District is moving forward helping area farmers and the county implement the VSP work plan. VSP is a voluntary alternative to regulation under the Critical Areas Ordinance. It demonstrates that the critical areas on ag. ground are being protected through voluntary conservation measures. These are things most farmers and ranchers are currently doing, like no-till and protecting riparian buffers. Progress is reported at 5-year intervals. And the stakes are high: if we can’t demonstrate that area farmers and ranchers are protecting critical areas, then ag. will be regulated under the strict requirements of the Critical Areas Ordinance. To learn more, contact the District office and check out the VSP web page here.


District Work Continues During Shutdown

Business will continue at the District during the federal government shutdown. While the doors at the office will remain locked, staff will be working to meet our obligations to landowners.  The regular October Board meeting was held at the new Columbia REA Building and the SE Area me
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District Seeks Applicants for Appointed Supervisor Position

The Walla Walla County Conservation District is seeking applicants for an opening on the Board of Supervisors. A district supervisor is a public official who serves without compensation and sets policy and direction for the District. The position is for a three-year term on a five mem
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The Gardena North 2800 Gets Underway

Work has commenced on the Gardena North 2800, so named because it consists of 2,800 feet of piping and is part of the Gardena North Lateral project. The complete project will replace the present Gardena Farms Irrigation District #13 (GFID) open north canal with a closed gravity-fed pi
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