Voluntary Stewardship Program: Going Strong!

With the approval of the Walla Walla VSP Work Plan in November 2017, the District is moving forward on implementing the plan. VSP is a voluntary alternative to regulation under the Critical Areas Ordinance.  The new Work Plan sets forth a process to demonstrate that the critical areas on ag. ground are already being protected through voluntary conservation measures.  These are things most farmers and ranchers are currently doing, like no-till and protecting riparian buffers. Progress is reported at 5-year intervals. And the stakes are high: if we can’t demonstrate that area farmers and ranchers are protecting critical areas, then ag. will be regulated under the strict requirements of the Critical Areas Ordinance. To learn more, contact the District office and check out the VSP webpage here.


Board to pass an election resolution

The Walla Walla County Conservation District Board of Supervisors will be meeting at 4 p.m. on November 13th, 2017, at the District office at 325 N. 13th Ave in Walla Walla. The board will be adopting a resolution setting the date, time, place, and manner of an election to fill a Cons
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Special Meeting October 16th

Due to the Columbus Day holiday, the Walla Walla County Conservation District October board meeting will be held at the special time of Monday, October 16th, at 5 p.m.   The Oct. 2017 agenda includes review of progress on the VSP Work Plan.
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VSP Meeting October 3, 2017

The VSP Work Group will be meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. The VSP Oct 2017 Agenda  includes an overview of the comments received  at the review of the Work Plan in Olympia on September 29th.
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