Burn Program

During the Covid-19 restrictions, you can still get a burn permit. Please see the News Blog for details.
The County was issued a Special Storm and Flood Debris Burn Permit from Ecology to help residents deal with the debris left after the flood of 2020.  This special permit has expired, but you can still burn storm debris under certain conditions. For more information, contact Ecology at (509) 329-3400 and ask to speak to a member of the Burn Team. These special permits are not processed by WWCCD.

Remember, to receive a full refund (less the 37.50 processing fee) applications for refunds MUST be received by June 10th for Spring Burn permits and December 10th for Fall Burn permits. Ecology can no longer refund fees for unburned acres unless the application for a refund is received by the deadline.  The current per-acre fee is 3.75, with a minimum permit fee of 37.50 (for fields of 10 acres or less). The fees equal the cap set by the legislature and help pay for the daily burn call and research into alternatives to agriculture burning.

For many agriculture producers, burning is an important option when dealing with excess residue. The State Department of Ecology is a valued partner in making sure agriculture burning does not affect public health. With careful monitoring of weather conditions and use of complex climate models, staff at the department of Ecology makes a Daily Burn Call. Ecology only allows burning when weather conditions will allow the smoke to rise fast and dissipate rapidly. This partnership between agriculture producers and Ecology has resulted in a dramatic reduction in health impacts related to burning.

Under state statute, Walla Walla County has the authority to issue agriculture burn permits, and the County has delegated this authority to the Conservation District. As the permitting authority for agricultural burning, the District can issue permits for field burns, orchard tear-out, CRP renovation, and spot burning. Residential burn permits are obtained from the County, and special permits for other circumstances (e.g., large brush piles) are issued directly by the Department of Ecology. The District offers assistance in completing burn permit applications by appointment; walk-ins are assisted whenever possible.

Please Note: Be sure to fill in all grey-shaded areas on these forms including the driving directions.
Ag. Field Burn Permit Application Additional Field Burn Detail Sheets Walla Walla Spot burn permit

The following links offer more information on the burn permit program: