VSP Resources and Information

Small VSP logoAs the Voluntary Stewardship Program develops in our county, the Work Group will be examining existing watershed management plans, the county critical area maps, and other resources.  Some will be posted here and where possible, links to other sites with source information will be provided.   The draft VSP Work Plan is now available for review and informal public comment: Walla Walla Draft VSP WorkPlan6.1 without Maps  Due to file size limitations, the maps that are part of the work plan are posted below separately:

VSP_liquefaction11x17       VSP_Frequently flooded11x17       VSP_critical_aquifer11x17        VSP_critical_aquifer vulnerability11x17          VSP_wind_erosion11x17

VSP_Wetlands11x17            VSP_water_erosion11x17               VSP_terrestrial11x17                 VSP_steepslope11x17

The VSP Local Work Group drafted the plan after more than a year of public meetings and discussion. WWCCD is seeking additional comments before the plan is finalized and submitted to the state level for review. Hard copies will be available at each of the Walla Walla County Rural Libraries. Please send comments to information.cd@wwccd.net or call us at 509-522-6340 ext. 5. Informal comments will be received until July 5, 2017. (When the plan is ready for approval at the state level, the state Conservation Commission will hold a formal public comment period.)

The Washington Conservation Commission has the more information on the statewide VSP program. Chelan and Thurston County Work plans are available   here.

First Foods-River Vision Presentation for VSP   At the September 2016 meeting of the Work Group, Chris Marks and David Haire of the CTUIR gave this presentation showing that restoring First Foods and the River Vision are the driving forces behind the  conservation and restoration work of the CTUIR. This was followed by discussion of how these align with the goals of VSP.

VSP has two overarching goals:  protection of critical areas and maintaining the viability of agriculture. Two state agencies have released documents to help local Work Groups define agriculture viability. The Voluntary Stewardship Agriculture Viability (draft) has been released by the Conservation Commission and the  Washington Agriculture 2020 Strategic Plan was released by the state Department of Agriculture.

Three agencies have released the following Fact Sheets to help the public understand VSP: