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Irrigators: Limited Time for Meter Installations

Summer is upon us and meter and screen installations are in full swing.  But the meter funding ends in June of 2015. If you irrigate and you need a meter to measure and report your water usage (as required by law) please contact the district right away to take advantage of the generous cost-share available before time and funding run out.


District, Greg Kinsinger Recognized

The District is pleased to announce that WWCCD was named SE Area District of the Year and Greg Kinsinger awarded SE Area District Employee of the Year!  Greg was recognized for his work on the highly successful fish screen program.  Greg has helped manufacturers improve their fish scr
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Salmon Projects in the News

The Salmon Recovery Office, part of the state Recreation and Conservation Office, manages funding for salmon recovery projects.  In selecting projects, RCO relies on the guidance of local Lead Entities, like the Snake River Salmon Recovery Funding Board. Many of these projects are loc
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Wecome new interns!

Two interns have joined the staff here at the district. Travis Morrison is enrolled in the civil engineering program at Walla Walla University and is bringing his computer drafting skills to assist in meter and screen designs. Heather Noel just completed an internship with Tri-State S
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