Voluntary Stewardship Program: Going Strong!

With the approval of the Walla Walla VSP Work Plan in November 2017, the District is moving forward on implementing the plan. VSP is a voluntary alternative to regulation under the Critical Areas Ordinance.  The new Work Plan sets forth a process to demonstrate that the critical areas on ag. ground are already being protected through voluntary conservation measures.  These are things most farmers and ranchers are currently doing, like no-till and protecting riparian buffers. Progress is reported at 5-year intervals. And the stakes are high: if we can’t demonstrate that area farmers and ranchers are protecting critical areas, then ag. will be regulated under the strict requirements of the Critical Areas Ordinance. To learn more, contact the District office and check out the VSP webpage here.


Special Meeting June 4th

The regular June board meeting is a Special Meeting and will be held at 5 p.m. on June 4th, 2018.  The June 2018 agenda  includes rotation of the board and approval of new projects. The Open Public Meetings Act requires the district to inform the public whenever the board of superviso
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Internship Opportunity

The WWCCD is seeking a seasonal intern for a great summer of work helping local landowners protect and enhance the natural resources of the county.  Application instructions and the position description is available here: Intern 2018 Job description .   WWCCD is an equal opportunity e
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Appointed Position Opening on the Board

Public Notice: The Walla Walla County Conservation District is seeking applicants for an opening on its Board of Supervisors. This opening is for one of two positions on the board appointed by the Washington Conservation Commission. The current position is held by Ed Chvatal. A distri
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